Pre-Marital Counseling Package

Premarital ministry is to help couples prepare, as much as possible, to live in their relationship with each other (and others) out of the resource of God’s love and grace. A thorough foundation of who they are in Christ is laid as the basis for all marital success. Our caring staff helps them to understand how any erroneous beliefs about God, self, or marriage, along with any unresolved pain, will affect their marriage.

Progressively, as unresolved pain and erroneous beliefs are addressed, the foundation of their true identity in Christ is established and they learn how to live and love from Christ’s indwelling life. This is the foundation that every couple needs to succeed.

Other topics covered: Roles, differences, love languages, communication, conflict resolution, a five-year plan, a one-year budget, expectations in marriage, and the marriage decision.

Pre-Marital Counseling Package includes:
  1. Reigning in Life Conference
  2. Reigning in Marriage Conference
  3. Four private counseling sessions.
Total package cost: $400.00